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Adult Programs

Affording the opportunity for members to perform either among themselves or in concerts is a cornerstone of the Foundation’s mission.

There are 4 Performance Groups for Foundation members to be a part of. Each group welcomes all Foundation Members who play an instrument, including Voice. The main objective is to have the opportunity to perform in front of other members and to enjoy the music and fellowship of one another.

Groups meet once per month, at a Foundation member’s home and you may select the Group most suited for your talent and interest:

1. Crescendos is a Performance Group for Pianists. This Group specifies in that levels of performers are at intermediate through advanced/expert levels.

2. Legatos is a Keyboard Performance Group. It welcomes all levels of performers.

3. Glissandos is a Mixed Instrument Performance Group. All levels of ability and all instruments, including voice, are welcome.

4. Vivaces is a Mixed Instrument Performance Group. It was formed about when the Glissandos group began to grow larger and more challenging to accommodate the size group at a hosting home. It welcomes all instruments and musicians as well and encourages guests of the group to attend.

The Summer Scherzos comprises all 4 groups: Glissandos, Legatos, Crescendos, and Vivaces. They meet from June thru October and gives the members of these groups the opportunity to come together during the non-season, when attendance has dropped and it would not be feasible for the groups to meet on an individual basis.

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