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Congratulations Winners!


53rd Annual Scholarship Competition Results

For 53 years, the Music Foundation of Greater Naples has been providing an opportunity for local students to demonstrate their talent to a panel of qualified independent judges.  The Competition is open to all students form 6th to 12 grades and winners are based on the merits of their performance.  We are pleased to present the results for this year's competition.

Judging Category

Junior Division

Senior Division

Trumpet Player


Junior Category Winners
1st Place: Emma Podolak
2nd Place: Amber Kastner
Senior Category Winners
1st Place: Jocelyn Chalick
2nd Place: Gavin Moon
3rd Place: Hangrui Zhang
Hon. Mention:   Fintan O'Keefe
Piano Keyboard


Junior Category Winners
1st Place: Arabella Ahammad
2nd Place: Meiya Zhang
Senior Category Winners
1st Place: Mason Huffman
2nd Place: Jameson Moore
Hon. Mention:   Wilson Bullock
Studio Drums


Junior Category Winners
There were no competitors in this category this year.
Senior Category Winners
1st Place: Trey Leslie
Hon. Mention: Lucas Obrecht


Junior Category Winners
1st Place: Edison Filner
2nd Place: Juliet Sanchez
3rd Place: Audrey Allers
Hon. Mention: Brayden McDonald
Senior Category Winners
1st Place: Alex Dimaras
2nd Place: Rachel Torres
3rd Place: Kate Anderson
Hon. Mention:   Isaac Garatejo


NOTE:  Due to the high number of applicants in the Woodwind category, MFGN decided to make additional awards to be comparable with the other categories.

Junior Category Winners
1st - Saxophone: Daniela Castillo Alpizar

2nd  - Clarinet: Jackson Doria

3rd  - Clarinet: Whitney Swartz
Senior Category Winners
1st - Flute: Drea Dasilva
1st - Clarinet: Kevin Milord
1st - Saxophone: Luc Mazzone
2nd - Saxophone: Aaron Perez
2nd - Flute: Daoyi Liu
3rd - Flute: Miranda Leone
Honorable Mention:
Flute:  Josue Alarcon-Osorio
Saxophone: Nicholas Snow
KPop Lead Singer


Junior Category Winners
1st Place: Felicity Fleming
Hon. Mention: Irene Sofia Enad
Senior Category Winners
1st Place: Alessia Pellegrini
2nd Place: Logan Branstetter
3rd Place:  Rachel Kastner
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