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Did you know.....

One year of music lessons cost $3,000?

We provide free private music lessons with qualified teachers for students of merit and economic need.  Individual coaching is essential to the progress of any aspiring musician.  If it was not for our support, our students would not have the opportunity to grow and progress without private lessons.  You can help us by sponsoring a student today.

Summer music camp can cost $1,500 to $5,000 plus out-of-pocket expenses?

Summer is a great time for students to expand their musical skills.  Freed from the demands of school and family, summer camp provides new perspectives and musical experiences for exceptionally promising students by exposing them to professional artists and advanced musical experiences, like chamber music.

An upgraded violin bow can cost $500 to over $1,500?

The shape, weight, balance and materials used in a violin bow can make all the difference in the sound of the instrument.  Beginner bows - often made of lower quality materials - are good to a point, but the developing student needs a good bow to advance their skills.  

An intermediate flute can cost $2,500 to $5,000?

After 3-5 years, a student begins to reach the limits of their instrument.  The best flutes are made with precious metals, like silver and gold, which adds to the cost.  An improved flute can be easier to play and produce a better sound due to the materials and craftmanship involved.  

Help us give the gift of music to students of merit AND need!

Our goal is to help our students achieve their musical dreams and aspirations.  We support kids with extraordinary potential but who lack the financial means to realize their dreams.  As a student advances, so do the costs.  We want to level the playing field by providing the opportunity for talented students who need a little help.

Dollar Bills

More than 90% of your donation goes to the kids. 

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