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Sansom Program

Talented high school students whose families cannot afford the cost of private music lessons are given that opportunity through a generous grant from the Sansom Foundation.  Our typical student comes from a working-class family, often first generation, where funds for “extras” are simply not available and private music lessons are considered “luxuries” out of their reach.  The impact on our students is tremendous - take a look at the video to see for yourself!

Apply to the Haegg Program

Apply to the Sansom Program

Spring 2022 Recital

Haegg Program

The Haegg family award was created in 2009 in memory of Margaret “Peg” Haegg by her husband Henry Haegg and their children. It provides the winners with a private teacher for a period of up to three years. This award has a strong need-based component.

Our Haegg Program targets talented middle school students of need.

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