Who We Are 2012

The Naples Music Club is a voluntary, not for profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. A Board of Directors conducts the Club’s business, and committees help carry out its work.

Our Directors

Club Members

Members include music lovers, professional and amateur musicians, music teachers, conductors, and composers. New members are welcome and may join by completing the Membership Form and paying nominal dues.

Our Vision

Our vision is a musically connected community where individuals can fulfill their artistic dreams.

Our Mission

The Mission of The Naples Music Club is to support music education and performance, to provide scholarships, and to engage in collaborative outreach efforts within Naples and its neighboring communities.

To accomplish its mission, the Club:

  • Presents high quality musical events for a variety of audiences.
  • Provides awards and scholarships to encourage music students to achieve excellence in their art.
  • Collaborates with schools and area musical organizations to support, encourage and recognize excellence through various outreach programs.
  • Affords opportunities for club members to develop their talents by performing for each other and in concert.

Our History

The Naples Music Club was founded in 1965 by Tom and Grace Truesdale. Monthly musical programs were presented as a public service beginning in 1966, the year the Club originated a 90-minute radio program of classical music broadcast over radio station WNFM.Over the years since then, the Club has continued to present a series of concerts, was an early participant in the Festival of the Arts, led a successful effort to enlarge the string curriculum in the public schools, sponsored “Sing Along Messiah” for many years, has worked to improve the performance skills of Immokalee music students, and, since 1970, has awarded scholarships to Collier County Students.

Several performance groups have evolved within the Club since 1979. Both piano and instrumental groups meet on a regular basis to perform informally for each other or in concert.

Recognition, by way of special awards, has come from Immokalee High School for providing supplemental music instruction and instruments, the District School Board of Collier County for its continued financial support of the Collier County Choral Program and the Choral Library, and the Collier County Education Foundation, which selected the Naples Music Club as an Outstanding Partner in Education in 1999 for its work supporting music education since 1970.

During the decade beginning in the year 2000, the Naples Music Club improved its communications tools with its members and the community by means of a professional Web site and an electronic newsletter. Significantly, it it forged new relationships, often built on previous initiatives. A collaboration with the Bower School of Music at FGCU in 2010 resulted in the club’s support of two programs in Immokalee, one a pre-K violin literacy program and the second an elementary school violin and mariachi classes after-school program. A student recitals program was initiated by the club in 2008 to help students build confidence and prepare them for the club’s annual Student Scholarship Competition, expanded that year to include students residing in the neighboring communities of Bonita Springs and Estero. Recognition followed in 2011 when the club received the prestigious 2011 “Stars in the Arts” award from the United Arts Council of Collier County.

Historical Highlights, written in 2005 by Suzanne de Clercq, a past president, is a more detailed history of the early years of the Naples Music Club.