Turiel Award Winners

The Turiel Scholarship is awarded to a 12th grade student who demonstrates outstanding musical accomplishment and who plans to pursue a career in music or considers a serious music avocation. The recipient or recipients are selected from the top winners of the annual Scholarship Competition.

The award was established in 1996 thanks to a significant financial grant from Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Turiel in memory of their son Daniel (1951-1987). A clarinetist, Daniel was one of three founding members of the Naples Philharmonic and served as its personnel manager. He was principal clarinetist of the Southwest Florida Symphony and the Naples Concert Band and was also the founder, president and artistic director of the Gulf Coast Opera Company.

Award Recipients:

1996  Oliver deClercq, French Horn; Ben Gibbs, Clarinet; Jeremy Williamson, Saxophone

1997  Michelle Arcenas, Piano

1998  Josh Degges, Alto Saxophone; Hannah Riger, Piano

1999  Denise Fizzuoglio, Flute

2000  Janelle House, Harp

2001  Chad Brodbeck, Violin; Jonathan Schallmo, Voice

2002  Andrew Strauss, Viola

2003  Tim Kyle, Marimba and Percussion

2004  Christy Larsen, Piano

2005  Elizabeth Kocses, Flute

2006  Alden Gatt, Piano

2007  Lederian Townsend, Voice

2008  Alan Gao, Violin

2009  Laura Chami, Voice

2010  Daniel Rosman, Clarinet

2011  Christian Ostolazza, Marimba

2012  Nathaniel Cornell, Violin

2013  Joseph Peliskas, Classical Guitar

2014 Misty Drake, Violin

2015, Tatum Shellenberger, Bassoon

2016, Cassie Drake, Viola

2017, Melissa Leone, Flute