Summer Scherzos October 11, 2014, Performance Group Meeting

Rumy Wildner reports:

“This will be the final update for the Summer Scherzos 2014 season. Our last meeting in October took place at Marilyn Stanhope’s home. Marilyn has supported the Summer Scherzos since its inception, and we always enjoy her hospitality. Except for Edward Brennan’s violin pieces of Schubert’s songs “Im Abendroth” (In the Glow of the Sunset) and “Heidenroeslein” (Rose of the Heath), all other pieces were played by our pianists Clare Burden, Sonya Light, Marilyn Stanhope, Maurizio Nisita and Marilyn Scott. (See below). Joan Tischler, Janet Newman and Jeannette Boucher were there to support us.

A special guest was Maurizio’s friend Jean Francois, who was here visiting from Europe. It is not the first time that he has come to one of our meetings. He is always surprised by the dedication shown by our performers in their musical selections and presentation.

So I will say goodbye until Summer Scherzos 2015.”

Summer Scherzos October 11 2014 at the home of Marilyn Stanhope

Performer, Instrument, Piece, Title, Composer

Clare Burden, Piano, Amanecer (Dawn), Turina

Sonya Light, Piano, Fantasy in D Minor, Mozart

Marilyn Stanhope, Piano, Air and Variations from the “Harmonious Blacksmith, Suite No. 5”, Handel
Marilyn Stanhope, Piano, Scarecrow (for Halloween), Ede Poldini

Edward Brennan, Violin, Im Abendroth(In the Glow of the Sunset), Schubert

Rumy Wildner, Piano, Heidenroeslein (Rose of the Heath), Schubert

Maurizio Nisita, Piano, Villahesca (Spanish Dance #4), Granados

Marilyn Scott, Piano, “Nocturne in C # Minor, Posthumous”, Chopin