Summer Scherzos June 2014 – 14 Members Attend the First Meeting of the Summer

Rumy Wildner, Coordinator for the Summer Scherzos Performance Group submitted the following report:

Just to let you know that our first meeting in June was very successful.  Margot Prendergast was our hostess, and I would like to thank her for her warm welcome to all of us attending.  The wonderful thing about our summer meetings is that it gives us the opportunity to meet members from all of the various groups that meet individually during the season.  We had 14 people attending.  Quite a good turnout.

Pieces for piano, flute and bassoon were performed.  Tom Draney gave us the story of The Lonely Shepherd Boy as he played several short tunes by Julius Weissenborn on the bassoon.  Cindy Quehl played Romanze by E. Claine and Communion, from the Mass de Saint Cécile by Gounod. Norma Farmilo accompanied her on the piano, and I hope that she has the time to come to some of our other meetings during the summer.

Piano pieces from Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Grieg were performed by our pianists Sonya Light, Marilyn Stanhope, Florence Levin, Rumy Wildner, Marilyn Scott, and Anne McLean. (See attachement of complete program)

Anne McLean introduced us to some Norwegian Dances by Grieg and also gave us a glimpse into the dance possibilities at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Naples.  Every Friday night they have a dance party.  So perhaps, if any of you would be interested, we could get together socially at the Fred Astaire Studio.

Jeannette Boucher, Joan Tischler, Claire Burden, and Geraldine Gale, were here to support us.

I would like to thank all of you for making this a wonderful experience.”

Summer Scherzos

June 2014

Hostess: Margot Prendergast


(Performer, Instrument, Composition, Composer)

Sonya Light, Piano, J. S. Bach Prelude in A flat major

Marilyn Stanhope, Piano, Tchaikovsky, June Bacarolle from the Seasons Opus 37a

Florence Levin, Piano, Beethoven Sonatina No.1

Rumy Wildner, Piano, Beethoven,  Moonlight Sonata, 1st movement Adagio

Marilyn Scott, Piano, Brahms, Intermezzo in A major, Opus 118

Anne McLean, Piano, Grieg, 25 Norwegian Folk Songs and Dances, Opus 17, – Spring Dance; Oh, the pig had a Snout

Cindy Quehl, Flute,  E. Claine, Romanze

Norma Farmilo, Piano, Gounod, Communion from the Mass de Saint Cecile

Tom Draney, Bassoon, Weissenborn, Music set as a backdrop to the story The Lonely Shepherd Boy created by Tom

Guests: Jeannette Boucher, Joan Tischler, Geraldine Gale, Clare Burden