Summer Scherzo Performance Group Meets Again During the Hot Summer

Our September meeting took place at Jeannette Boucher’s and as always we had a wonderful time.

Cindy Quehl represented the wind instruments with her beautiful flute playing, accompanied on the piano by Norma Farmilo.  Stuart Warshauer, violin, and Eddie Brennan, viola, represented the strings.

The piano duets also dominated the scene this time with Joan Tischler and Clare Burden, Clare Burden and Maurizio Nisita, Maurizio Nisita and Rumy Wildner.

Solo pieces were presented by pianists Marilyn Scott, Marilyn Stanhope, Bob Peller and Florence Levin.  It was wonderful to have Florence to come to one of our meetings again. She goes way back in NMC history.

Linda Medsker, a new member, gave us a mini workshop session  “Fun Pedagogy for the Piano”  which she has taught to people who have been away from the piano for a long time.

Marilyn Scott introduced us to piano pieces written by Richard Strauss who is best known for his tone poems, operas and songs.  So I learned something new.

The meeting ended with Errol Garner’s “Misty”  played on the violin by Stuart Warshauer and Marilyn Scott’s wonderful on the spot piano accompaniment rendition. What a great ending.

Janet New and Laura Nisita were enthusiastic listeners.

(Submitted by Rumy Wildner)


Performer Instrument                   Piece Played                                      Composer
Cindy Quehl Flute Beautiful Savior Tradional Hymn based on a Sicilian Folk Song
Norma Farmilo Piano Sing Praise to God Bohemian Brethren’s Kirchengesaenge 1566
Joan Tischler Piano La Cinquataine Gabriel-Marie
Clare Burden Duet (The Golden Wedding Waltz)
Edward Brennan Viola Cornelia: Priva son d’ogni Handel
Clare Burden Piano comforto e pur spem
Marilyn Scott Piano Piano Pieces, Op.3, #1 Andante Richard Strauss
Linda Medsker Piano  A Fun Pedagogy Workshop for
the Piano such as chord progession
and playing by ear
Marilyn Stanhope Piano Song Without Words: Mendelssohn
Clare Burden Piano 12 Morceaux, Op.48 Reinhold Gliere
Maurizio Nisita Duet Chanson bergere & Valse
Maurizio Nisita Piano Characteristic March, Opus 121 Schubert
Rumy Wildner Duet  D. 886, No. 2
Bob Peller Piano Lyrical Pieces:  To Spring Grieg
Florence Levin Piano French Suite:  Gavotte J.S. Bach
Stuart Warshauer violin Misty Erroll  Garner
Marilyn Scott piano