Scherzo September 2014 Performance Group Program

The Scherzo’s performance group held their September meeting of the year. Great music was again heard during the following Program: There is a final Scherzo meeting in October. Rumy Wildner commented “Our Summer Scherzos meetings have been met with great enthusiasm by those who were here during the summer. I, personally,  will miss the variety of music, instruments and performers who came to make our meetings a success.”

  • Performer           Instrument
    • Title                                   Composer
  • Claire Burden      Piano
    • Nocturne, Op. 72, No.1       Chopin
  • Maurizio Nisita and Rumy Wildner     Piano Duet
    • Military March Op.51, No.1  Schubert
  • Florene Levin      Piano
    • Polovitian Dance                 Prince Igor Borodin
  • Edward Brennan, Violin, and Rumy Wildner, Piano
    • “He shall feed his flock…”    Handel
  • Rumy Wildner     Piano
    • Messiah
  • Norma Farmilo   Piano
    • Aufschwung(Soaring)           Schumann
  • Joan Tischler     Piano
    • Waltzes No.1 and 2              Schubert
  • Sonya Light        Piano
    • October from The Seasons    Tchaikovsky
  • Maurizio Nisita   Piano
    • Gavotte in D                         Gossec
    • Minuet                                  Bocherini
  • Tom Draney, Bassoon, and Rumy Wildner, Piano
    • Adagio-Concerto F maj, Op. 75  Carl Maria von Weber