Music Master Classes Now at Manatee Middle School

Manatee Middle School students and teachers.

Manatee Middle School students and teachers.

The Naples Music Club’s Master Classes, part of our Outreach Programs, have started at Manatee Middle School in Collier County, thanks to the leadership of the music department.

All middle school music teachers are invited to nominate their students to receive master class instruction with a professional musician.   The second year music students are nominated due to their work ethics in their school music class and family low-economic status. There is a definite positive impact from this program. Students significantly improve their technique and their enjoyment of music.• They become more effective members of their music organization. Students gain confidence to continue involvement in school music programs.

We thank all who support our many programs. Visit our website here for more information.




Acceptance Certificates were recently handed out to students by the faculty.