Martin Cohn


Martin A. Cohn, MD, is a Pulmonary and Sleep Specialist, but with a passion for music. After 12 years as Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami, he moved to Naples in 1989 and established the first local Sleep Disorders Center. Because of his research background he has also worked with many pharmaceutical companies in the development of newer and safer sleeping pills.

He grew up in Chicago and as a 10 year old, wanted to play the “licorice” stick, like Benny Goodman. So, he started to take lessons. Although he continued to play during high school, he put the clarinet aside to study medicine. But, music remained his passion and in 2007, he started playing the clarinet again. Under the direction of Stu Warshauer, Director of the Naples Klezmer Revival Band, he has now performed at many venues and even recorded a CD in 2012.

Also, in 2012 a major milestone has occurred. He retired from the practice of medicine. And so, he has more time to be involved with the Naples Music Club. Life couldn’t be better.