Lederian Townsend

Lederian Townsend, winner of the Naples Music Club’s 2007 Turiel Award, entered Florida State University this fall to pursue a career as a conductor of classical music. When asked, “why music?” Lederian replies, “I believe the answer lies in so many words, including music being hope, love, despair, heroism, and most importantly life.

A resident of Immokalee, Lederian comes from a single parent home with six siblings. Singing since the age of 3 in his church choir, he took the opportunity to join the school band in sixth grade. He wanted to play the trombone, which required a rental fee, but when the tuba was showcased, he was hooked because it was free.

By high school, he was stretching his tuba legs with the school’s marching band, traveling the state. Here at home he was performing widely, winning both vocal and instrumental competitions and honors, and playing with the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and the Naples Orchestra and Chorus.

One of Lederian’s favorite quotes is, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent,” by Victor Hugo. He knows he could not express himself through a career in music without financial assistance and thanks the Naples Music Club for the confidence we have expressed in his ability to succeed with our $2,000 award.

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