Judith Hammes

The mother of three children, each of whom played piano while growing up and a second instrument (violin, viola and oboe), Judith spent many hours taking the children to music lessons, dealing with a variety of music teachers, and supervising practicing and piano scheduling. She also attended many recitals and local and state music competitions.

Judith spent three years at the University of Wisconsin with a major in secondary education. After marriage, she finished her undergraduate education at Boston University and later earned an MS in Educational Administration from Cornell University.

After her children were in school, she served as a volunteer at Planned Parenthood, ending up as their first Volunteer Coordinator. Her employment career includes Financial Aid administration at Ithaca College,  Administrative Manager of the Department of Sociology at Cornell University, Director of Fellowships and Financial Aid at the Graduate School of Cornell University,  Director of Development of the Engineering College at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Director of Development and Public Relations of the Duke University Talent Identification Program.

Judith is very interested in helping children develop their musical talents and in understanding what music teachers experience in their careers. Her eldest daughter is a professional violinist who plays in the Wichita Symphony and has a large number of private students from three-years-old to adults.