Haegg Encouragement Awardees Delight Audience on February 8

2014 Haegg Recital IMG_1474-150x150

Eight talented students demonstrated vividly why they are Haegg winners when they performed on February 8 in a special recital designed to showcase the progress they have made since having the opportunity to study with a private teacher. To give our readers an idea of their progress, we are profiling three of these students. Others who performed were Jessica Seymour, cello; Abigail Jones, violin; Anna Marks, viola; Lillian Weisman, viola; and Irma Tanelus, viola.


Allyson Hayford, cello, 14, an 8th grade student at Pine Ridge Middle School. Having studied privately with Si Cheng Liu, Philharmonic cellist, just since the end of September, Allyson speaks of how much more she is now enjoying the cello, an instrument her mother also played in her youth. She enjoys communicating her feelings and emotions when she plays and finds the discipline of taking lessons and improving her technique to be a great help. A member of her school orchestra since 6th grade, she has just been selected to play 2nd chair in the Collier County Middle School Honors Orchestra.

Widline Gourdet, cornet, 15, a freshman at Naples High School. Her teacher is David Dash, Philharmonic Assistant Principal trumpet. This is her second year as a Haegg Awardee. She speaks highly of her experiences as a member of the Salvation Army Church, which has bands for various age groups. This is where she started playing the cornet 3-1/2 years ago. Her two younger sisters are also playing musical instruments. She credits the Naples Music Club’s special Middle School “Master Classes” program as having made her aware that she might compete for a Haegg Award and is grateful for the instruction and encouragement she receives from Mr. Dash.

Lynette Mojica, viola, 16, a sophomore at Golden Gate High School. She is in her third year studying with J.T. Possadas, Philharmonic violist and resident artist at the USF School of Music, where he is also an adjunct professor. Her progress has been so significant that she just became the first student from her high school to have been accepted to perform with the All-State Orchestra. Crediting her teacher for providing encouragement and the technical and artistic skills necessary to succeed, as well as a supportive family, she states she could not be more grateful for the many opportunities winning a Naples Music Club Haegg Award has given her.

The Haegg Award was established in 2008 by the Haegg Family to encourage talented students in grades 6-8 who have never studied privately to study music with a private teacher. The award has a strong needs based component. More information may be found on the Scholarship page of the club’s Web site, www.musicfoundationnaples.org/scholarships.

By Jeannette Boucher


Allyson Hayford, Cello. Teacher:  Si Cheng Liu, Accompanist Gordon Hammes
Sonata in C major Opus 40, No.1        J.B.Breval
Presto (Duet)       P. Lucatelli
Jessica Seymour, cello

Jessica Seymour, Cello. Teacher: Si Cheng Liu
Cello Suite No.1                   J.S.Bach

Abigail Jones, Violin   Teacher:  Joan Stewart
Minuet No.3         J.S.Bach

Anna Marks, Viola  Teacher: Lisa Zeller, Accompanist: Lisa Zeller
Gavotte         J.B.Lully

Lillian Weisman, Viola   Teacher: Joan Stewart
Minuet in G minor       J.S.Bach

Widline Gourdet, Cornet   Teacher: David Dash Accompanist: David Dash
Trumpet Concerto in E flat Major    Joseph Haydn

Irma Tanelus, Viola   Teacher: Joan Stewart, Accompanist: Gordon Hammes
Concerto in G Major, TWV 51:G9    G.P.Telemann
II. Allegro

Lynette Mojica, Viola   Teacher: John Posadas, Accompanist: Catherine Frecker
Viola Concerto No.1 in C major, K216    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
I. Allegro