At a Glissandos gathering in 2008. Seated: Jean Hachen, Thomas Draney. Standing: Marcia Reff, Norma Farmilo, Winnie Kost, Cathy Frecker, Rumy Wildner, Jaye Fitts, Joan Vazakas, and Annie Brown.

Making Music for a Decade

The year 2000 marks the 10th anniversary of the Glissandos, one of the small performance groups sponsored by the Naples Music Club.

It was in 2000 that the idea of a mixed performance group was born. The founders were Norma Farmilo, pianist, and Marcia Reff, violinist. They met through bridge and began talking about music and getting together to play with each other. At that time, only solo piano performance groups existed, so they decided to form a mixed group for instruments, voice and piano. Norma Farmilo placed an ad in the newspaper and approached members of the Legatos piano group, to which she belonged, in order to recruit musicians who would be interested in becoming members. At the same time, Marcia Reff approached Naples Orchestra and Chorus performers and invited them to come to meetings and consider membership.

The first meeting was held at Norma Farmilo’s home in Winter Park, Naples. There is no written data on the first meeting; however, we know that Marcia Reff, Aleta Croy Dean, Rumy Wildner and Frank Reidy were among the attendees.  Marcia Reff played a movement from a Beethoven violin concerto with Norma Farmilo accompanying her on the piano. Frank Reidy, a vocalist, entertained everyone with his light-hearted songs. He brought his little recorder along where all the music for his songs was stored and became a faithful member for the next three years.  Aleta Croy Dean played a piano solo to complete the program. Many came to just watch and listen.

Record keeping started with the second meeting. The meeting took place on March 6th, 2000 at Aleta Croy Dean’s home. There were eight attendees. Joan Maywood, violinist, played the Rondo from the Haydn Sonata No. 5, with Norma Farmilo accompanying. There were also three vocalists.

Annie Brown joined the group for the third meeting at Marcia Reff’s home in April.  In 2001, Carey Jeremias, pianist, and Jean Hachen, violinist, became regular performers at Glissandos gatherings.

Over the years, many wonderful musicians were and are still part of our group. The group displays its talents on violin, viola, piano, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, and voice.

The goal of the Glissandos is to provide individual members the opportunity to play and gain confidence performing in an informal group setting comprised of professional musicians, music teachers, and people who love music. It is a marvelous group of people encouraging each other to improve their skills. Encouragement is not only given by fellow musicians, but also by spouses and friends who come to these monthly morning get-togethers to cheer everyone on. It has made the gatherings vibrant and congenial.

Rumi Wildner, 2010 Coordinator