2011 Scholarship Winners Receive Awards Following Club’s Winners’ Recital

By Marilyn Stanhope

Always a popular event appealing to the area’s musical community, the Club’s 2011 Annual Winners’ Recital was held this year at the First United Methodist Church of Naples on Saturday, April 30. Following the recital in which two ensembles and nineteen of the winners performed, $32,600 was awarded to 45 talented area musicians in grades 6-12. These young musicians had competed successfully in the Club’s annual competition, chaired by Jan Grundeman, held April 9, 2011.

The most coveted award, the Club’s Turiel Award, given to a student who best meets a number of criteria (excellence in performance, competition score, music achievement, grades, an essay, and a personal interview) was won by Christian Ostolazza, an 18-year-old senior at Barron Collier who plays the marimba. For the recital, Ostolaza played Michael Burritt’s Prelude No. 5.

Christian Ostolaza

In his Essay, Ostolaza writes, “In the seventh grade, I developed a passion for the art form of percussion. Since the first day that I picked up sticks and started to play, I have known that this is the world to which I belong.” He concludes his essay as follows, “You could say that music and percussion give meaning to my life, but that would be an understatement. Music and percussion are my life. They are the very core of my being.”

In his Resume, we learn that Ostolaza has won a number of distinctions over the years. He has been a winner of the Naples Music Club scholarship competition in his division every year since 8th grade and was also a member of All-County Band for this same period. In 2011, he was selected for the All-State Symphonic Band. Then on May 8, 2011, having participated in the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra since 8th grade, he won their most prestigious award, the Myra Janco Daniels award, presented to a senior who is an exceptional musician and and outstanding leader.

Our newest Turiel winner thanked us in a note saying, “I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extremely generous scholarships that I have received from the Naples Music Club this year and in previous years. These scholarships have enabled me to attend various different summer music programs as well as have the benefit of the continuity of private lessons. The most recent award will help me get started on my professional journey.

“It has always been somewhat of a dream of mine to receive the Turiel award, and now, having been lucky enough to have been a recipient of this award, I can tell you that I have never been more honored in my life. I will always be grateful for the opportunities that the Naples Music Club has presented to me and, hopefully, I will be able to mentor upcoming musicians someday.”

2011 Scholarship Winners’ Recital Program

The 2011 Scholarship Winners of the Naples Music Club’s
41st Anniversary Competition

Turiel Award Winner:
marimba, $2500



1st place: Laura Mattson, violin, $650

2nd place: Hsih-ting Wu, violin, $550

3rd place tie: Lucca Delcompare, violin, $450

3rd place tie: Noelle Torres, violin, $450

Honorable Mention: Emilia Lipinska, violin, $100


1st place Clifford L. Saby Award

Jeremy Brachle, clarinet, $650

2nd place: Tatum Shellenberg, bassoon, $550

3rd place: Timothy Kane, alto saxophone, $450

4th place: Naomi Walerys, alto saxophone, $350

5th place: Hannah Wiley, flute, $250


1st place Gunther Manchen Award

Bennett Lanni, $650

2nd place: Colleen Kilpatrick, $550

3rd place: Olivia Yang, $450

4th place: Christopher Myers, $350

5th place: Elizabeth Berg, $250


1st place Naples Opera Society Award

Luciano Marsalli, boy soprano, $650

Haegg Continuing Education Award

Nerline Nerlien, clarinet

2001 Haegg Encouragement Awards

Orianna Arellano

Jessika Hernandez

Lynette Mojica

Jessica Seymour

Irma Tanelus

Gabriel Trevino

Jose Velez

Dillon Voell

Naomi Walerys


1st place Bert G. Phillips Award by Classic Chamber Concerts

McClaran Hayes, violin, $1,150

2nd place (tie): Jared Blajian, cello, $950

2nd place (tie): Nathaniel Cornell, violin, $950

3rd place: Joseph Peliska, classical guitar, $750

4th place: Hao-ting Wu, violin, $550

5th place: Misty Drake, violin, $350

Senior Woodwinds

1st place Clifford L. Saby Award

Gabriel Wallace, alto saxophone, $1,150

2nd place: Allison Kast, flute, $950

3rd place: Nicole Pavlisin, flute, $750

4th place: Catherine Schramm, clarinet, $550

5th place: Cobby Brzeski, flute, $350


1st place Phyllis S. Warren Piano Award

Joseph F. Lang, Jr., $1,150

2nd place: Andre Chu, $950

3rd place: Christian Stahlman, $750

4th place: Kevin Boyd, $550

5th place: Yvonne Jiang, $350


1st place Naples Opera Society Award

Nadia Marshall, soprano, $1150

2nd place: Johanne Nordilus, soprano, $950

3rd place: Daniela Magura, soprano, $750

4th place: Chloe Popoli, soprano, $550

5th place: Marcello Marsalli, $350


1st place: Morgan Block, trumpet, $1150

2nd place: Mario Trejo, French horn, $950

3rd place: Lincoln Kollander, trumpet, $750


1st place: Christian Ostolaza, marimba, $1150

2nd place: Rafael A. Rivas, marimba, $950

3rd place: Scott Renner, percussion, $750

4th place: Richard Stein, percussion, $550

Chamber Exhibition, Senior Division

1st Place

Misty Drake, violin

Noelle Torres, violin

Cassie Drake, viola

Vincent Marcantonio, cello

Judges’ Award

Misty Drake, violin

Ana-Emilia Montessi, violin

Natalie Peliska, violin

Noelle Torres, violin

Chamber Exhibition, Junior Division

Judges’ Award

Rachael Koral, tenor saxophone

Naomi Walerys, alto saxophone

Timothy Kane, alto saxophone

West McCann, baritone saxophone